GE Pro Elite Discusses the American Water Supply

GE Pro EliteAs defined by the scientific community, water contains an atom of oxygen along with two atoms of hydrogen. According to the expert staff of GE Pro Elite, water is most commonly found in the world’s rivers, oceans and lakes. The water that people drink and use each day stems from one of two leading sources that are readily available – groundwater (melting snow or rain water) and surface water (rivers, oceans, lakes, streams and reservoirs).

On a daily basis, the typical American may use as much as 100 gallons of water. The GE Pro Elite team acknowledges that this might sound like a large number. However, drinking water is just a small fraction of this total. Water is also an integral part of many everyday household tasks like washing dishes, watering lawns, cleaning clothes, performing lawn care and disposing waste. The GE Pro Elite team reports that a miniscule amount of water supplied to American homes – 1 percent – is actually dedicated to drinking purposes.

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