GE Pro Elite Team Asks: What’s in your Water?

GE Pro EliteAccording to a spokesperson from the GE Pro Elite Team, drinking water that’s fresh and clear is something that many of us take for granted. We might not give it a second thought, says the GE Pro Elite Team, but between the source and the tap, a lot happens to make our water fit to drink. In the following Q&A, GE Pro Elite Team talks water basics.

Q: We’re excited to learn all about water. Thank you for joining us, GE Pro Elite Team.

GE Pro Elite Team: It’s our pleasure.

Q: Water is always here every time I turn on the faucet. But just how does my water get here?

GE Pro Elite Team: Water is a molecule called H2O that contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It’s a transparent, odorless liquid. The water we use every day comes from two main sources: groundwater and surface water.

Q: How does water get into the tap?

GE Pro Elite Team: Typically, pipes bring the water supply to your home.

Q: How does the water get into those pipes?

GE Pro Elite Team: The treatment plant collects raw and untreated water from an underground aquifer or from a surface water source, such as a lake or river.  Once there, the water is pre-treated to remove debris such as garbage, grass, and fish. Then, filtration and disinfection with chemicals or physical processes eliminate disease-causing microorganisms. Once completed, water flows out through a network of pipes into the community.

Q: Are there any standards set for drinking water?

GE Pro Elite Team: Yes. The treatment facility sends water samples to a government inspector, who makes sure the water supply meets safety standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Q: How long does it take to turn raw water into treated water?

GE Pro Elite Team: You may be surprised to hear this, but it only takes about 45 minutes to turn raw water into treated water which then gets pumped into your taps.

Q: How much water does an average American use each day?

GE Pro Elite Team: A typical American uses 80-100 gallons of water every day.

Q: That sounds like a lot of water!

GE Pro Elite Team: Well, the total includes all the water used for washing, watering lawns, and waste disposal; not just drinking water.

Q: How much of it do people actually drink?

GE Pro Elite Team: People drink less than 1% of the water coming into their homes.

Q: How much does tap water cost?

GE Pro Elite Team: Monthly water bills vary according to place and rate. A typical U.S. household pays about $45 per month.

Q: What is the source of our bottled water?

GE Pro Elite Team:  The source of bottled water is usually a municipal water system or a natural spring, and from there it may go through additional purification.

Q: Is bottled water regulated?

GE Pro Elite Team: Yes. Because bottled water is a packaged product, it is regulated under the guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q: Thank you for sharing these facts with us, GE Pro Elite Team.

GE Pro Elite Team: You’re welcome and thank you for having us.