GE Pro Elite Advises Communities to Avoid Unconditioned Water

GE Pro EliteAccording to the experts of GE Pro Elite, hard (unconditioned) water can cause a significant amount of damage to home appliances. Its presence may result in increased energy consumption, landfill overuse and appliance failure. Any of these effects can be detrimental to the physical and financial health of individuals both at home and at work.

The leadership team at GE Pro Elite is committed to helping people throughout the United States live healthier, greener lives by improving the quality of the water they consume on a daily basis. With an innovative and efficient product designed to eliminate chemicals and minerals, communities can feel confident about the ability to enjoy a clean water supply on a daily basis.

GE Pro Elite experts report that calcium carbonate has been shown to cause incredible stress on the heating element of any appliance. As a result, the operating temperature reaches critical levels. The most prominent damage occurs with tankless water heaters, which suffer from the presence of unconditioned (hard) water.

Unconditioned (hard) water results in the following issues and damages:

  • Nonabsorbent and scratchy towels
  • Soaps that leave a visible residue on hair and skin
  • Soaps that fail to rinse or lather well
  • Premature fabric failure
  • Extra spending on common household items like laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, bar soaps, liquid soaps and shampoos
  • Additional time cleaning and scrubbing bathtubs, tile floors and walls, and bathroom fixtures
  • Costly replacement fees or repair fees due to the inefficiency of water-using appliances

Hard (unconditioned) water, with its notable concentration of calcium and magnesium, makes daily life a major chore. The representatives of Pro GE Elite encourage business owners and homeowners to improve their current lifestyles by trying this new and exciting product. In terms of saving money and feeling better about their surroundings, the decision should be easy.