Q&A with GE Pro Elite Team: Hard Water vs. Soft Water

GE Pro EliteYou may have heard that reducing the hardness of your home’s water can improve its quality, says the GE Pro Elite Team, but did you know water softeners can also help save energy? Today we are joined by the GE Pro Elite Team to learn about the effects hard water can have on your home.

Q: Thank you, GE Pro Elite team, for joining us today.

GE Pro Elite Team: Thanks for having us.

Q: Hard water… What is it?

GE Pro Elite Team: Hard water is any water that has an elevated level of hard minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium.

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GE Pro Elite Team on the Benefits of GE Pro Elite Water Treatment System

GE Pro EliteHard water can be a drag on a home’s aesthetics and efficiency, according to GE Pro Elite. If you are experiencing soap deposits in the bathtub and spots on silverware and dishes, you may benefit from a water softener, says the team at GE Pro Elite.  Below, a spokesperson explains the features and benefits of the GE Pro Elite water treatment system.

Q: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today.

GE Pro Elite Team: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Q: How can I tell if I need a water softener?

GE Pro Elite Team: First, check to see if the hardness of your water warrants the expense. The best way to do this is by asking to see a copy of your water company’s water quality report.

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Q & A: GE Pro Elite Team Discusses Causes of Bad Taste and Odor in Water

GE Pro EliteAccording to the GE Pro Elite Team, there are many culprits that give drinking water a bad taste or smelly odors.  It could be chemicals, environmental contaminants or even concentrations of metal that have been left in old plumbing pipes.  Here, the GE Pro Elite Team discusses some of the culprits and what homeowners can do about it.

Q: GE Pro Elite Team, thank you for joining us today.

GE Pro Elite Team: Thank you for having us.

Q: What causes my water to smell or taste bad?

GE Pro Elite Team: Some of the main reasons our water smells or tastes bad are hydrogen sulfide, dissolved solids, and chlorine.

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GE Pro Elite Team: Protect your Family with the GE Pro Elite Water Purification System

GE Pro EliteThe GE Pro Elite Team is aware that many people think the water flowing to their homes is as safe and clean as it should be. But how safe is it really? Here, the GE Pro Elite Team explains some of the problems that our water supplies can present and suggests a practical solution.

Q: Welcome, GE Pro Elite Team.

GE Pro Elite Team: Thank you.

Q: To the naked eye, most tap water looks just fine. Do I still need to worry?

GE Pro Elite Team: Most tap water does look fine, but it’s what you cannot see that matters. All sources of drinking water now contain some level of contamination. In addition, water comes to us through many pipes.

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GE Pro Elite Team Asks: What’s in your Water?

GE Pro EliteAccording to a spokesperson from the GE Pro Elite Team, drinking water that’s fresh and clear is something that many of us take for granted. We might not give it a second thought, says the GE Pro Elite Team, but between the source and the tap, a lot happens to make our water fit to drink. In the following Q&A, GE Pro Elite Team talks water basics.

Q: We’re excited to learn all about water. Thank you for joining us, GE Pro Elite Team.

GE Pro Elite Team: It’s our pleasure.

Q: Water is always here every time I turn on the faucet. But just how does my water get here?

GE Pro Elite Team: Water is a molecule called H2O that contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. It’s a transparent, odorless liquid. The water we use every day comes from two main sources: groundwater and surface water.

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The GE Pro Elite Team Introduces an Innovative Water Treatment System

GE Pro ElitePresented by General Electric, the GE Pro Elite has an exceptional ability to improve the water quality in people’s businesses and homes. By offering conditioned water for daily consumption, the GE Pro Elite has improved both financial and physical health and enhanced the day-to-day activities of U.S. citizens.

Q: What are the direct effects of using the GE Pro Elite?

GE Pro Elite Team: Because the GE Pro Elite system improves the quality of water, our consumers are spending fewer of their hard-earned dollars on household products like shampoo and bar soap.

Q: How exactly are these consumer savings made possible?

GE Pro Elite Team: By virtue of using the GE Pro Elite water treatment system, some chemicals – for example, chlorine – are removed from the water as it moves through the water tank. As a result, the water in a residence or business is fully conditioned when it reaches the point of use. Unconditioned water, also known as hard water, is one of the most costly aspects of any home or business.

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GE Pro Elite Advises Communities to Avoid Unconditioned Water

GE Pro EliteAccording to the experts of GE Pro Elite, hard (unconditioned) water can cause a significant amount of damage to home appliances. Its presence may result in increased energy consumption, landfill overuse and appliance failure. Any of these effects can be detrimental to the physical and financial health of individuals both at home and at work.

The leadership team at GE Pro Elite is committed to helping people throughout the United States live healthier, greener lives by improving the quality of the water they consume on a daily basis. With an innovative and efficient product designed to eliminate chemicals and minerals, communities can feel confident about the ability to enjoy a clean water supply on a daily basis.

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